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Dospara's CSR Activities

Dospara will offer new digital lifestyles and contribute to the achievement of a better information society.

Initiatives for Environmental Activities

At Dospara, we have actively carried out initiatives in our business activities with consideration for the global environment, such as reducing energy use and developing businesses for second-hand sales. We will continue to promote environmental activities including our environmental policies and various environment-related initiatives.

Environmental Policies

Dospara is fully aware of its corporate responsibilities with regard to environmental issues, and will strive to carry out business activities with a strong consideration for the environment. Through our sales businesses for PCs and related products, we will promote environmental management activities based on the following policies in order to reduce the environmental impacts caused by all activities pertaining to our businesses, and to become a model example corporation with regard to environmental measures.

  • 1. Environmental Management Activities

    We will always be conscious of our activities and their associated environmental impacts, and while promoting the reduction of those impacts, we will also make continual improvements to our environmental management activities.

  • 2. Environmental Reports

    We will carry out regular reviews of the policies and objectives specified in our environmental activity reports, and continually strive to establish appropriate policies and objectives.

  • 3. Laws, Ordinances, and Agreements

    We will strictly follow environment-related laws, ordinances, agreements, and other requirements.

  • 4. Key Environmental Management Themes

    From among the environmental impacts resulting from our activities, we will promote initiatives for the following items as key management themes.

    1)Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by promoting energy conservation

    2)Reducing water resource usage

    3)Providing environment-conscious products

    4)Reducing waste products discharged as a result of our business activities, and promoting recycling

    5)Encouraging green procurement

  • 5. Disclosure of Environmental Policies

    While arranging for the disclosure of our policies both internally and externally, we will aim to entrench and improve our environmental activities by actively and continually carrying out environmental education and human resource development for all employees based on these policies.

Initiatives for Information Security

We will properly obtain, use, and manage all personal information. We will never use this information for purposes other than our stated purposes or disclose this information to third parties without legitimate reasons such as obtaining personal consent. Also, we will always carry out proper handling of information, suitably managing confidential information and never disclosing it to third parties without the permission of the relevant companies or using it without official authorization for purposes other than business operations.

Disaster Assistance

We promote donation activities while also offering special repair services for disaster-afflicted areas and disaster victims, and providing disaster contributions.

Initiatives for VR Businesses

In order to develop the VR industry, which has great upcoming expected potential in a variety of fields, we are sponsoring VR events and providing support to related companies, as new initiatives for Dospara.

Support for Educational Institutions

We provide assistance in various forms to support young future IT engineers, such as by loaning hardware and sponsoring a variety of competitions.

~ News ~

■ August 26, 2016 (Fri.)

At the "11th Youth Manufacturing Competition: Electronic Circuit Assembly Division", held from August 7 (Sun.) to August 8 (Mon.), 2016, Matsuyama Technical High School of Ehime Prefecture, which is supported by PCs from our company, had the outstanding honor of receiving the Gold Award/Health, Labour and Welfare Minister's Award.

Support for the Disabled

We are engaged in development and sales projects to spread digital devices that can be used by even the disabled and elderly. We also hold usage training courses for tablets and other devices intended for disabled people and affiliated parties.