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Operation of computer shop "Dospara"
Operation of online computer shop site "Dospara Online Shop"
Sale of products and services related to workstations and servers


1984 Thirdwave Corp. was established for the primary purpose of selling computer-related equipment Computer shop was opened in the Akihabara Electric Town.
1992 Sale of DOS/V PCs was started under the shop name of "DOS/V Paradise".
1993 Nationwide expansion of "DOS/V Paradise" was started (Akihabara, Osaka, etc.).
1994 Shops for buy-back and sales of used PCs were opened by affiliated companies.
1998 Online sales were integrated into business content and Internet online shop site services were started. Corporate Division was opened, and expanded to the 2 districts of Tokyo and Osaka.
2003 Shop name was changed from "DOS/V Paradise" to "Dospara".
2008 Changed to a holdings company.
2011 "Dospara Parts Center", a PC parts shop of the largest scale in Japan, was opened in Akihabara, Tokyo.
2012 Retail business was separated from Thirdwave Corp. for the purpose of becoming a computer specialty shop able to offer new discoveries and problem solutions to greater numbers of digital creators and PC users, and Dospara Co., Ltd. was founded.
May 2014 "Parts no Inu" ("Parts Dog"), worry-free PC homebuilding kits completely checked for part conflict and compatibility, were released for sale so that even amateur PC users could take on the challenge of creating homebuilt PCs with confidence.
Dec 2014 The Dospara Aeon LakeTown mori location was opened in Aeon LakeTown mori. "Palit" video cards sold by Dospara as a national authorized dealer received Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards for the "PC-Related Category Video Card Division Awards" in the "kakaku.com Awards".
Feb 2015 "GALLERIA Lounge", a gaming PC showroom for PC gamers, was opened jointly with Thirdwave Diginos.
Apr 2015 The Dospara Yamanashi Kofu location was opened in Kofu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Sep 2015 The Dospara Sendai location was relocated and fully renovated.
Nov 2015 ・"Dospara Akihabara Annex" was opened as a gaming device specialty shop.
・"Gameliner", a shopping site for PC gamers, was opened jointly with Degica Co., Ltd.
Dec 2015 "Palit" video cards sold by Dospara as a national authorized dealer received the Gold Award for the "PC-Related Category Video Card Division Awards" in the "kakaku.com Awards" for the 2nd consecutive year.
Jan 2016 ・Dospara Akihabara Main Shop area was expanded to function as a service support specialty floor.
・Dospara Parts Center was relocated and fully renovated.
Apr 2016 An event where visitors could experience the world of "Muv-Luv" using the newest VR device "HTC Vive" was held at individual Dospara locations.
May 2016 PC DIY parts assembly classes were held in Akihabara.
Jun 2016 Award was received from the USA's Intel Corporation, the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer, for sales performance in the Intel CPU stand-alone product retail division in 2015, as No.1 in the Asia-Pacific Japan area.
Jul 2016 ・GALLERIA Lounge was fully renovated and opened with the introduction of "GALLERIA Vision", an LED display with a size equivalent to 155 inches (200 cm high, 350 cm wide).
・Experience spaces for the newest VR device "HTC Vive" were set up in all Dospara locations.
・"Dospara VR Paradise" was opened on the 5th floor of the Dospara Akihabara Main Shop as a space specialized for VR trial activities.
・Presented a display at the Unity VR EXPO AKIBA, where visitors could try out the newest VR contents.
as of Aug 2016 Expanded to 26 locations nationwide including "Computer Shop Dospara", "VR Paradise", "GALLERIA Lounge", and "Dospara Corporate Sales Offices (Tokyo, Osaka)". Online shopping EC sites "Dospara Online Main Shop", "Dospara Online Second-Hand Shop", and "Shanghai Donya Main Shop" were deployed.