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Business Descriptions

The Three Pillars that Support Dospara

We fulfill the needs of our customers
with a focus on the three pillars of our company.

Corporate Division.Dospara Physical Shop Division.Dospara Online Shop Division

Corporate Division, Physical Shop Division, Online Shop Division At Dospara, we will continue to offer customers "new digital lifestyles". In addition to the three pillars of our company - our "Physical Shop Division", "Corporate Division", and "Online Shop Division" - we offer services able to meet any requirements through collaboration with the companies of the Thirdwave Group.

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Dospara Physical Shop Division

Over the 24 years since our establishment, we have engaged primarily in the sale of PCs, PC parts, and peripheral equipment. We place strong emphasis on connecting with the community from a position only possible for physical shops, and we provide the best proposals to our customers while speaking with them directly.

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Dospara Online Shop Division

We mainly handle PCs and PC parts. While distributing information related to Dospara over our online shop site, we present matters that we would like to communicate to our customers as a company over our website. It is our motto to convey matters and information desired by customers in a way that is easily understood.

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Dospara Online Second-Hand Shop

We are engaged in sale and buy-back businesses of used PCs, smartphones, PC parts, digital cameras, and similar items. By recycling unneeded PCs and other information devices, we promote effective use of the environment and resources, contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

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Shanghai Donya Division

We handle peripheral PC equipment such as SD cards, USB memory devices, and compatible ink cartridges with prices lower than original products. In addition to these, we are also striving to keep a lineup of products able to fulfill the needs of customers with an interest in digital gadgetry. We offer many original items that are the first of their kind in Japan, such as products related to smartphones and VR.

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Corporate Division

We provide products to corporate bodies, educational corporations, and other customers in accordance with their usage environments, such as their applications for use and their installation conditions, consulting with customers so that we can offer the best possible products. We also handle specialized items such as workstations or server devices that are not handled by our physical shops and online shop sites.

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