Corporate Information

As a PC specialty shop, Dospara works to grant the wishes of its customers

It is our desire to make contributions to society as a whole by turning the wishes of our customers into reality, and we are continuing to take on challenges so that our very existence can give value to our customers as well as our entire society.


Offering new digital lifestyles and contributing to the achievement of a better information society

We are involved with our stakeholders in order to make contributions to society. At Dospara, we will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through initiatives such as environmental activities and recycling.

Business Descriptions

  • Computer shop "Dospara"

    A comprehensive computer shop.
    We can offer the best products to our customers with our outstanding lineup sure to satisfy any needs, together with courteous customer service by our knowledgeable staff.

  • Online computer shop site"Dospara Online Shop"

    An online computer shop site.
    An extensive lineup including gaming PCs, PCs intended for creators, BTO PCs, and PC parts are available along with a variety of service options.

  • Online used computer shop site"Web Second-Hand Shop"

    A Dospara online shop site specializing in second-hand products.
    This site sells used products including PCs, smartphones (without assigned numbers), PC parts, digital cameras, and other PC accessories.

  • Online digital gadgets shop site"Shanghai Donya"

    An online shop site for digital gadgets.
    This site carries a wide assortment of peripheral accessories for various devices, as well as SD cards, USB memory devices, and digital gadgets.

  • Online computer shop site"Corporate Sales"

    A Dospara online shop site aimed at corporations.
    This site offers ideal products for customers that can match their hardware requirements, such as their applications, installation environments, and installation procedures.

Recruitment Information